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Let The Right One In – english remake?

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As first reported by the film nuts over at Row Three:

Cloverfield director Matt Reevess is given the unenviable task of remaking Tomas Alfredson’s fabulous Swedish vampire instant-classic, Let The Right One In. While I quite dug Cloverfield, it had a lot more going on in the aesthetic and tone department than the gimmick that it could have bee, the usual remake rules apply: I doubt that Reeves remake can find the razor thin balance of emotion that Alfredson managed. The film is delicate and I am a bit skeptical that it will survive remake mauling. The reminted Hammer Studios own the rights for the remake and are behind the production. It is interesting that they are going back to their vampire roots, but taking things in a very modern direction (i.e. subtle drama, remake, etc.)

I caught the original at Fantasia earlier this year (where it won the Audience Award, not to mention that it picked up best narrative feature at Tribeca). While I have a few minor issues with where it went at the end, I still love the movie. A Lot. Marina is expected to see it very soon and her thoughts will show up with her VIFF coverage. Likewise Andrew & I are going to watch it in October as it is on the Toronto After Dark lineup. If you have not caught the original at a festival yet, when Magnet Releasing puts it out in the cinemas: Run, don’t walk…

As you can see from previous blog posts I am very excited about this film. That said I can not see it being redone in Hollywood fashion. Big budgets and remaining of horror films tend to turn out horribly, and dilute the quality of the original. If you don’t believe me go watch any J-Horror film with an american counter part. Watch the J-Horror film first and then the american remake. I think you’ll find yourself rather upset and hoping that this kid ends up taking his revenge on some Hollywood producers…


Written by superuwatchers

September 25, 2008 at 9:34 am