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VIFF: First weekend down, JCVD delivers

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If you have read this blog for anytime now you’ll know that JCVD has been THE movie for me to see at the Vancouver International Film Festival this year. Last night I saw it thanks to my Super U sponsor passes and I must say, it was even better then I was expecting. Now given that statement says a lot, and trust me this film is not without its flaws, but all in all this has been the most fun I have had at the movies all year.

I will premiss this by saying I have always been a big fan of Jean Claude Van Dam so there is bias on my part. That said bias or not it turns out Jean Claude can act. I’ll be the first to tell you that is something I never knew. His acting is fantastic in this movie and his range impresses going from drama to comedy with little visible effort. The actual story itself starts off well but cops out a little at the end, however I won’t go into detail about that in order not to ruin the ending. Other then that all I have to say is that the the filmmaker Mabrouk El Mechri should be getting some calls very soon form major studios because this was one hell of a coming out party for him. Look no further then the jaw dropping opening tracking shot for proof of this. I’ll leave you all with the trailer one last time, now that I have seen the film odds are I’ll stop rambling on about it so much – but please trust me when i say if you get the chance you have to go see JCVD, you will not be disappointed…


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