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Michael Moore’s Slacker Uprising – Free

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Recently a number of bands like Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead have made it popular to release a quality product for free. Obviously the people here at the Super U office see this trend becoming the norm, and have established a website for film makers to display their products to the public for free, and in time collecting shared ad revenue generated by their films.

It seems this model is getting its first real trial run with Michael Moore’s Slacker Uprising. Yesterday he released his latest film free on the web and it is generating a ton of buzz. The film itself isn’t overly spectacular, as it is more or less a concert film, but its a quality viewing experience nonetheless. Well that and the price is right. Check out the trailer:

To get the free download simply go to the Slacker Uprising website and register for a free download. If by any chance you are uncomfortable giving away your real email address simply set up a dummy account on hotmail or gmail, both are accepted.


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