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Why so serious? – Rotten Tomatoes 100 best comedies

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I’ve noticed that I tend to go on tangents about independent films, major studio drama and action flicks, as well as documentaries. Aside from Zack and Miri Make a Porno I have yet to discuss one of my true loves – comedy. Thus doing my research I went around my favorite blogs as well as my favorite movie resource – Rotten Tomatoes. Checking out their list of “Top 100 Comedies” I was actually disappointed. Frankly not a lot of those movies are that funny. They are great films but they are not what I think about when I typically think great comedic effort.

For example #76 on the list is The Truman Show. Although this movie was funny in the first act the movie it soon turned into a drama with deep phycological undertones. I will concede there is an argument to be made for placement in either comedy or drama – and of course there is always the dramedy classification I suppose, however…

How about #77 – Back to the Future. This movie is not even close to being a comedy. I could see maybe placing it in that category if the action/adventure or sci-fi/fantasy classifications didn’t exist. I mean come on, outside of a few moments with Biff and the infamous McFly guitar solo there isn’t a whole lot of laughs there.

Now movies like #64 – This Is Spinal Tap, or #82 – House Party are comedies (side note, I love House Party, but cracking the top 100 comedies of all time?). End of the day a lot of this is up for debate, but the question that keeps burning in my head is what are the people at Rotten Tomatoes thinking? Time to hire some better people for your classification metrics…


Written by superuwatchers

September 10, 2008 at 12:31 pm

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