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Today I was going continue discussing documentaries seeing as I have been on a documentary kick lately. After batting around the idea of discussing green docs (the original title of this blog post was going to be ‘Going green on film’) I chose to go a different way. That said you must check out the Super U Doc Watchin’ contest winner Q’oyllur Ritti – God of the Snow Mountain, as it is fantastic. Moving on…

I was surfing the Apple Movie Trailer site as I often do and stumbled upon this little gem:

That is the trailer for the new Guy Ritchie film, RocknRolla. All in all its looks like a great flick. I’ve always been a Ritchie fan, with or without Madonna, however there is just one little thing about the trailer, it sure reminded me of this one:

Now before you say anything keep in mind I am not implying Ritchie borrowed any ideas from that trailer. Fact is I know the producers of ‘The Rubb’, Juicy Studios, and Ritchie’s films were a large influence on them. The point I’m making is that its funny when influence comes full circle. In this case Ritchie influenced Juicy Studios years ago, and now the ideas they came up with thanks to that influence are making their way into his films. I must imagine the people at Juicy Studios are a little bit pleased to see, that in a strange way, they were in the heads of Ritchie five years before he even realized where he was going.

Incase you are curious, even though ‘The Rubb’ trailer got posted on YouTube a year ago, I know for a fact that that it was made a number of years before that.


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