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As we all know Summer is the time of the huge block buster. The moving going public seems to find the best way to beat the heat is to go to an air-conditioned theater and watch whatever mass marketed studio product is being sent their way. This isn’t always the best time for an avid film fan as it seems that the large majority of us are not always fond of big budget mass marketed films, The Dark Knight not withstanding. Luckily Fall is fast approaching and with that a number of trailers have hit he web that will appeal to both the mass marked while still getting hardcore film fans mouth watering.

The first of these is W. the Oliver Stone epic about the life of soon to be former president of the Untied States George W. Bush:

Needless to say the combination of Oliver Stone and a very timely film about one of the most infamous presidents of all time has a lot of potential, especially seeing as it will be released right in the thick of the upcoming Obama vs McCain election.

Next is The Road starring Viggo Mortenson:

The Road, Starring Viggo Mortensen

The Road, Starring Viggo Mortensen

Although no trailer has hit the web yet there is a perfect storm starting to form around this film and many believe it is going to be Viggo’s best chance at an Oscar to date. I for one think he is over due thanks to his performances in A History Of Violence and Eastern Promises, all be it in both cases he was simply over matched in terms of competition. Look for The Road to be released in mid November.

Finally we have High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Just kidding – The final film on my Fall cross over list is Zack and Miri Make a Porno, the continuation of Seth Rogen’s takeover of comedic Hollywood:

Directed by Kevin Smith this film is bordering on every indie comedy film nerds wet dream, no pun intended. I for one am starting to burn out on Apatow Productions, even if they have made every amazingly funny movie over the past 4 years. However seeing as Judd Apatow has nothing to do with this production (at least not officially) I’m willing to see what his protege Rogen can bring to the table when paired with a different, although equally skilled, filmmaker like Smith.


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