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As stated in my previous blog post I attended, for the very first time, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. Having only heard about the pervious years and not experienced it first hand I was curious as to what I would be seeing on the big screen.

What I ended up attending was The Coast Is Queer the Vancouver Queer Film Festival’s annual showcase of short films from local gay, lesbian, and transgender filmmakers.

Bookended by two very high quality – high production value short films, Hirsute & No Bikini, was a myriad of entries to suite the tastes of almost any film goer. Highlights included Laugh At Me, the incredibly coordinated Davie Street music production and Jane Blonde, the Butch Secret Agent putting a lesbian twist on a classic spy role.

No matter your connection to the gay and lesbian community, be it member, supporter, or curious outsider there was entertainment to be had at The Coast Is Queer. I encourage any local Vancouver resident to head on down to the 20th Vancouver Queer Film Festival before it ends on August 24th.


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