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Fan art or viral marketing?

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Its either looked at as funny or scary when a movie like The Dark Knight gets so big people start playing the role of marketing department without even knowing it.  The next Batman is not even officially announced, yet fan art is already surfacing suggesting the contents of the sequel (wishful thinking?).

Fan art or viral marketing?

Fan art or viral marketing?

Clearly the creator of this fan art / movie poster is hoping that the Riddler is going to be the next villain Batman squares off with. It should be noted this rumor has been circling for some time now, so perhaps the creator was just playing off that.

Personally I’m skeptical that this is even ‘fan art’.  There is a high probability that this could be created by the The Dark Knight‘s marketing team in order to sustain the somewhat dying hype of The Dark Knight with the hardcore fans.  End of the day no matter what it is its going to help keep everyones favorite superhero in the spot light for one more day as the poster itself is one of the most popular stories on for the day.

Oh and if you do one thing this summer, please, please, please go see The Dark Knight at an IMAX near you.  Trust me when I say you’ll be happy you did.

Thanks to for breaking this story.


Written by superuwatchers

August 15, 2008 at 8:49 pm

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