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So firstly a little disclaimer… I am mildly embarrassed that I just spent the last five minutes searching through dozens of google entries all the while shaking my head in confusion at all the musical links that I kept encountering. Annie Get Your Gun kept popping up because I mistakenly (maybe out of habit although I have no idea why my fingers would be use to typing the title of a mediocre 1947 musical – show tunes aren’t really my thing) had typed in that title in stead of the film noir thriller of the same vintage, This Gun For Hire. So needless to say this posting is about FILM NOIR not poor ol’ Annie Oakley. If you’re interested in the latter than check out Theatre Under The Stars in Vancouver as they have a rendition running through the rest of the summer.

So right… back to FILM NOIR…

The Pacific Cinematheque is hosting its annual Film Noir fest and I’ve got my eye on This Gun For Hire which plays on Sunday night. With the tag line, “Lover without a heart…killer without a conscience!”, it sounds right up my alley. Especially with those old time cast names like “Veronica Lake” and “Robert Preston” it seems like a perfectly classy way to spend a summer night. Should give me some more insight when I watch the latest entries in Super U’s own film noir contest.


Written by superuwatchers

August 8, 2008 at 9:59 pm

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